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Mezzanine Level (3W) Conference Level (3E)
Lobby Level (2)
Concourse Level (1W) Galleria Level (1E)

Quick Reference

Access/Handicapped Services
Info Desk, lobby near elevators
Anime Room Griffin (3E)
Arisia TV Channel 86 in Westin guest rooms
Art Show Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Thursday    8pm–11pm    Artist Check-in
Friday    noon–5pm    Artist Check-in
Friday    6pm–9pm    OPEN
Saturday    10am–6pm    OPEN
Saturday    7pm–8pm    open for mobility aid users only
Saturday    8pm–10pm    OPEN
Sunday    10am–6pm    OPEN
Sunday    7pm–9pm    Pick-up and Artist Check-out
Monday    10am–1pm    Pick-up and Artist Check-out
Bake Sale Galleria Foyer (1E)
Saturday    9:30am–12:30pm, or until sold out
Blood Drive Lobby near elevators
Friday    12:30pm–7:30pm    for Children's Hospital
Saturday    9am–5pm    for Mass General Hospital
Bone Marrow Drive Lobby near elevators
Friday    3pm–7pm
Saturday    10am–5pm
Childcare/Turtle Track (2–6yr) see Ops for room
Friday    5:30pm–10pm Meet & greet, no drop off
Sat/Sun    9:45–11:30am, 12:45–5:30pm, 6:45–10pm
Monday    9:45–11:30am, 12:45–3:00pm
Coat Check Concourse Level (1W), Marina Prefunction (2E)
Concourse (Coats, backpack-size items and smaller only)
Friday    3pm–1am
Sat/Sun    8am–1am
Monday    8am–2pm
Sat/Sun    10am–10pm
Con Suite Galleria (1E)
Cosplay Repair Station Concourse Level (1W)
Friday    5pm–10pm
Sat/Sun    9:30am–9:30pm
Dance Hall (incl. club dancing) Commonwealth Ballroom (1W)
Dealers Room Galleria (1E)
Friday    5pm–9pm
Sat/Sun    10am–7pm
Monday    10am–2:30pm
Duck Hunt turn in at Team Arisia HQ: Quincy (2W)
Fan Tables Mezzanine near escalator (3W)
Friday    4pm–7pm
Sat/Sun    10am–6pm
Monday    10am–2pm
Fast Track/Children's Program (6–12yr) Hancock & Webster (2W)
Friday    4pm–7pm
Sat/Sun    8:30am–11:30am, 1pm–5:30pm
Monday    8:30am–1:30pm
Only adults accompanied by children allowed.
Feedback (email
Anonymous feedback at any time with the online feedback form
Fill out a form at Info Desk or Ops
Feedback sessions on Saturday and Monday
First Aid Stone (2W)
In case of emergency call 911
Food Options
Food trucks (Concourse level, past Grand Ballroom)
  • Saturday    11am–4:30pm    Baja Taco Truck, Boston Burger Co.
  • Sunday    11am–4:30pm    Roxy's Grilled Cheese, Bon Me (Asian)
  • Monday    11am–4:30pm    Baja Taco Truck, Bon Me (Asian)
Hotel cash concessions (lobby level near Sauciety)
  • Fri/Sat/Sun    4pm–8pm
Hotel restaurants on lobby level
Starbucks (lobby level)
  • 24 hours (extended menu options)
Restaurant Guide (incl. delivery choices) at Info Desk (Google map).
Freebie, Flyer & Promotional Tables Galleria Foyer (1E)
Tabletop (24 hours)   Harbor Ballroom I (3E)
Video    Carlton (3E)
  • Friday    4pm–1am
  • Saturday    10am–2am
  • Sunday    10am–1am
  • Monday    10am–noon
Green Room (Program participants & staff only) Lewis (3E)
Friday    4pm–9pm
Sat/Sun    9am–9pm
Monday    9am–3pm
Westin main number: 617-532-4600
Aloft main number: 857-243-6908
Incident Response Team (IRT) Stone (2W)
617-657-9756 or email
Indie*Expo Grand Ballroom A (1W)
Saturday    10am–7pm
Sunday    10am–3:30pm
Information Desk Lobby near elevators
Friday    10:30am–11:30pm
Saturday    8:30am–11:30pm
Sunday    8:30am–8:30pm
Monday    8:30am–3:30pm
Innkeeper Desk Lobby near Front Desk
Friday    noon–10pm
Saturday    noon–4pm
Monday    10am–2pm
Lost and Found Hotel Front Desk
Lost badges: Registration
Masquerade Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Sunday    8pm (doors open at 7pm)
Check-In    Concourse Level (1W)
  • Friday    4pm–9pm
  • Saturday    10am–5pm
  • Sunday    10am–noon
Rehearsals    Grand Ballroom B (1W)
  • Saturday    9:30am–2pm
  • Sunday    2pm–5:30pm
Green Room    Grand Ballroom CDE (1W)
  • Sunday    6pm–½ hour after awards
Ribbon & Music pickup    Masq Show and Tell
  • Monday    11:30am–12:45pm
Music Room Paine (2W)
Including all-night open singing
Newsletter (Clear Ether)    Frost (3W)
Mail to
Operations (Con Ops) Stone (2W)
Call / text 617-820-7094
Off Site Parking Guide
Westin hotel garage: Self-parking $36/day, valet parking $46/day
Aloft hotel lot: $25/day
Party Room Block (Open Parties) Westin 4th floor
Photo Station Concourse Level (1W)
Saturday    11am–5pm
Sunday    11am–5pm and limited availability after Masquerade
Monday    10am–noon
Press & Photographer Check-in Info Desk (after completing registration)
Program Nexus Executive Boardroom (3W)
Friday    3pm–10pm
Sat/Sun    9:30am–8:30pm
Monday    9:30am–3pm
Programming contact phone: Hotel phone extension 4993
Quiet Room 567
Friday    6pm–8pm
Sat/Sun    10am–8pm
Monday    10am–1pm
Registration Concourse Level (1W)
Friday    11am–11pm ($25 day membership)
Saturday    9am–11pm ($50 day membership)
Sunday    9am–8pm ($35 day membership)
Monday    9am–3pm ($15 day membership)
Lost badges $5 (once only, after that full price)
Arisia 2019 memberships available starting noon Sunday.
Safer Space for Arisians of Color 507
Friday    6pm–11pm
Sat/Sun    10am–11pm
Monday    10am–1pm
Scavenger Hunt Lobby near the elevators
Friday    5pm–7pm
Sat/Sun    10am–7pm
Monday    10am–noon
Team Arisia Headquarters Quincy (2W)
Friday    4pm–10pm
Sat/Sun    10am–10pm
Monday    10am–noon
Contact phone: Hotel phone extension 4525
Teen Lounge (Ages 13–19 only) 466/467
Hours posted on the door
The Watch (Security) Stone (2W)
Call / text 617-863-2472
In an emergency or in immediate threat dial 911
Video Room Revere (2W)

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